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Established in eastern Canada, we are the largest group of retailers in the field of IT in Quebec. We contribute to the technological development in this province for more than 15 years.
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More than 40 business partners

We work in close collaboration with the biggest partners in the computer industry. By exploiting our full potential, we are able to get the best deal from manufacturers. For 2015, more than 40 agreements were signed, this is a vast strategic choice that is offered to each of our merchants.

Our mission

Our mission compels us to anticipate market trends and interpret them so that our merchant members can make the most of it. We also aim to bring things around us. By bringing together merchant members in networks of shops and market, we will enable them to reach a critical mass sufficient to promote significant economies of scale.

Finally, we encourage the formation of groups of merchants facing the same challenges. Of these groups are born of collaborative efforts that are sources of new initiatives. We help our merchants build relationships with each other and with suppliers in order to consolidate the forces of our members.

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